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Native Instruments Emotive Strings KONTAKT Soundbank VST Plugins 2022

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Native Instruments Emotive Strings KONTAKT Soundbank VST Plugins 2022


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The Emotive Strings library is aimed at composers and musicians involved in the creation of musical accompaniment for film and television. It contains over 28 GB of ready-made phrases and arpeggios. Each phrase was composed based on a detailed analysis of the most successful soundtracks for big-budget films. Thanks to special processing and advanced algorithms, composers can use these phrases to create their own completely realistic violin-orchestral works.

Emotive Strings has an advanced user interface, thanks to which you can create a piece of music in any desired key with almost one touch. With the left hand, you can control the playback of phrases, and with the right hand, you can determine the key (major or minor is determined by the force of pressing the keyboard – the velocity parameter). Crescendo and diminuendo are also controlled in real time via the modulation wheel. All this allows you to create live dynamic compositions literally on the go.
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Additional Information1 NKI, 72 themes, 175 single phrases


Libraries can be installed directly from Native Access:

  1. Start Native Access.
  2. Open the Preferences and set the Download and Content location for your library:
  3. Find your library in the Kontakt tab and click Install.
  4. After the installation, you can find your library in KONTAKT's Libraries browser:


Let op: Dit is geen 'Standalone' product. Het vereist de Kontakt Player van Native Instruments.



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