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UVI FALCON SoundBanks Collection VST Plugins 2022

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UVI FALCON SoundBanks Collection VST Plugins 2022


Totale inhoud van deze SoundBank : 6.71 Gb 


Leveraging the advanced synthesis capabilities and software architecture of the UVI Engine, Falcon Expansions provide an immediate way to extend your library—delivering professional-grade presets fully-programmed with macros to allow immediate and intuitive playability of key parameters. Utilize MIDI, OSC, host automation and Lua scripting for expressive performance or dig in and customize your sounds with Falcon’s abundant effects and modulation options. Take your experience to the next level with these specially made expansion packs!

If you need more, Falcon is fully compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered instruments from a growing list of companies such as Acousticsamples, VI Labs and Virharmonic. From vintage synths, samplers and drum machines to immaculate grand pianos, choirs and orchestras, Falcon is your gateway into some of the world's most sophisticated and best sounding instruments.


 UVI Falcon 2 SOUNDBANKS Collection:

  1. UVI Analog Motion v1.0.1
  2. UVI Cinematic Shades v1.1.0
  3. UVI Devinity v1.0.0
  4. UVI Digital Motion v1.0.0
  5. UVI Eternal Funk v1.0.1
  6. UVI Ether Fields v1.0.1
  7. UVI Plurality v1.0.0
  8. UVI Pulsar v1.0.1
  9. UVI Spectre v1.0.0
  10. UVI SubCulture v1.0.0
  11. UVI Titanium v1.0.0


Let op : Dit is geen 'Standalone' product. Het vereist de UVI FALCON of FALCON 2. U kunt de volledige versie van FALCON  hier vinden