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UVI Model D FALCON Bibliotheek Soundbank VST Plugins 2022

€ 20,00 € 10,00

UVI Model D FALCON Bibliotheek Soundbank VST Plugins 2022


Totale inhoud van deze SoundBank : 638 Mb 



  • Experience the presence and power of a Concert Grand Model D
  • Captured in one of the finest studios in the world
  • Deep tone shaping tools, pro-grade effects and adjustable mics

Sit down at a beautiful Concert Grand Model D captured in the brilliant Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris. Deep multi-sampling, precision mastering and advanced scripting provide you with all the warmth, expressiveness and detail of the real thing.

Each note was carefully multi-sampled at a number of velocity levels with and without sustain. These samples were then carefully prepared and scripted with advanced keygroup layers and rule switching in the UVI Engine, allowing the sustain pedal and release samples to articulate in a natural way. During this process we consulted with concert pianists and used their feedback to tune the algorithms to create the most enjoyable feel and natural playability possible.

The result is a finely tempered software piano with an effortless beauty and the sound of a real concert grand.
Also included in Key Suite Bundle Edition
Combining all three of the Key Suite series libraries and "Austrian Grand", Key Suite Bundle Edition delivers the ultimate experience. Explore a wealth of professionally recorded instruments unlike any other, 94 instruments in total!
From the 1890s to the 1990s and beyond, Key Suite Bundle Edition lets you instantly call up every manner of acoustic, electric, and digital piano, edit their response, adjust their color, and add high-quality effects to perfect your sound.


Let op : Dit is geen 'Standalone' product. Het vereist de UVI FALCON of FALCON 2. U kunt de volledige versie van FALCON  hier vinden