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D16 GROUP Silverline Plugins Collection VST Plugin 2022

€ 25,00

D16 GROUP Silverline Collection 2022

VST Instrument Plugins


Complete 2022 collectie van alle iconische D16 Group Silverline Collection met alle Instrumenten en Effecten in een complete bundel bij elkaar !!


Leverbaar voor zowel

Windows 7 , 8 en 10

MAC OS X vanaf 10.7

  • Decimort2
  • Devastor2
  • Antresol
  • Syntorus
  • Toraverb
  • Redoptor
  • Fazortan


Ondersteunde formaten

  • AAX native 64-Bit
  • AU 32-Bit
  • AU 64-Bit
  • VST2 32-Bit
  • VST2 64-Bit



With the D16 Group SilverLine Collection, you'll get 10 amazing effects plug-ins that give you incredible sound design potential. Synthesists, producers, and sound designers at Sweetwater have been impressed with D16 Group's software instruments, and we're excited to see — and hear — the same attention to detail and rich sound in their effects plug-ins. This bundle covers everything from versatile distortion and bit crushing to lush reverb, vibrant chorus, and phaser effects. Looking to add new layers of excitement and depth to your mixes? Load up with the D16 Group SilverLine Collection plug-in bundle.



Spacerek Virtual Space Reverb

Want to immerse your music in hyperrealistic, real-world spaces? Then instantiate D16 Group’s Spacerek on a track. This reverb plug-in’s unique hybrid room algorithm employs emulated virtual environments to create inviting, authentic-sounding early reflections, along with a dynamic delay network to generate lush, colorful late reflections. A 3-channel mixer gives you individual control over your direct signal, early reflections, and late reflections, plus you get individually adjustable pre-delay, a tilt EQ, and a low-cut filter for fine-tuning your sound. Spacerek includes a total of 114 stunning reverb models with preconfigured left-right and mid-side stereo operation. You'll also benefit from Spacerek's CPU-friendly performance, resizable interface, and easy-to-navigate tag-based preset browser.

Syntorus 2 Triple Path Analog Chorus

A flawless emulation of vintage bucket brigade chorus units, Syntorus 2 offers three separate delay lines for creating impossibly lush modulation. To set the rate and depth of the modulations, tap into Syntorus 2’s triple-LFO section, which offers a number of waveshapes, tempo sync, and selectable note divisions. On top of that, Syntorus 2 treats you to an onboard tremolo and a multimode filter, with highpass, lowpass, and bandpass settings, for sculpting the tonality of the effect. To paraphrase a classic saying: don’t bore us; give us the chorus!



Godfazer Advanced Modulation Unit

When you want to stack layers of modulation using a single plug-in, Godfazer is the go-to choice! Comprising three modules: Ensemble, Multi Filter, and Modulator, Godfazer is versatile yet intuitive, allowing for complex signal shaping with a no-nonsense workflow. Inspired by vintage modulation devices, including classic chorus effects, rotary speakers, and phaser units, Godfazer excels at throwback tones, yet its configurable routing topologies empower you to create totally unique sounds unachievable using hardware processors. As D16 Group aptly describes it, Godfazer is the Swiss Army knife of modulation effects!

Redoptor 2 Vintage Tube Distortion

With its retro aesthetic and wide palette of rich tube color, the D16 Group Redoptor 2 plug-in is primed to please tube fanatics everywhere. Redoptor 2 faithfully models the juicy harmonics, glassy partials, and beefy low end of a variety of real tube-driven circuits. Onboard compression and limiting — new for version two — and a full-featured parametric EQ dial in devilish degrees of analog warmth and breakup. Other new features include two alternative GUI sizes to support your workflow, tag-based browsing for quick access to classic favorites, and onboard MIDI learning to integrate your favorite hardware controllers. Warm up, crunch up, or obliterate your audio in exciting, hands-on ways with the D16 Group Redoptor 2.



Fazortan 2 Controllable Space Phaser

Fazortan 2 is the software expression of a classic 1970s-era hardware unit. To bring you even closer to the authentic analog vibe of the original, D16 meticulously modeled the all-pass circuits that are responsible for phase shifting. With a GUI that gives you total control over all phase shift parameters, Fazortan 2 lets you zero in on the desired contour with high precision. Guitarists, keyboardists, and vintage synth connoisseurs alike will appreciate Fazortan 2's rotary speaker emulation, and this, together with its lush sound, gives you the perfect ingredients for a glorious signal chain.

Toraverb 2 Space Modulated Reverb

With Toraverb 2, D16 Group presents an entirely fresh reverb plug-in — one that's not based on legacy hardware reverbs or impulse responses of physical spaces. Using a novel diffusion network design center on modified all-pass filters, Toraverb 2 eliminates unflattering flutter echoes to deliver remarkably smooth ambience. Two parametric EQs, modulation controls, and realistic crosstalk empower you to craft your ideal reverb sound for any application, and a built-in ducker cleans up the sound field and prevents mixes from becoming dull and muddy.



Tekturon Multitap Sequenced Delay

Much more than your standard multitap delay, the Tekturon employs a sophisticated delay matrix to manipulate its 16 independent high-quality delay lines. Think about it as a delay sequencer with an intuitive interface for concocting mind-boggling echo effects with relative ease. A global effects section features a master filter control with cutoff and resonance, a feedback control, and a shuffle control for humanizing tempo-synced delay patterns. Additionally, each delay line has localized parameters, including stereo pan, spread, volume, delay time, feedback, and individual filter settings. Tekturon is unlike any other delay plug-in available, and it’s certain to invigorate your arrangements.

Decimort 2 High Quality Bit Crusher

Sweet decimation! The D16 Group Decimort 2 bit crusher plug-in re-creates the sonic coloration of the AD/DA converters found in old-school samplers, like early AKAI and EMU samplers. Use it to give individual tracks a certain edge, or automate it for extreme sound mangling. Electronic musicians at Sweetwater rejoiced at Decimort 2's fat-sounding filter section, with four filter types to choose from. Even better, you can process each channel of a stereo signal independently, opening the doors for a wide range of space-enhancing effects. Plus, Decimort 2 is endlessly tweakable, with adjustable jitter, two quantization algorithms, a multimode filter, and more.



Devastor 2 Multiband Distortion Unit

Voeg bite, sizzle en geluidsintensiteit toe aan je tracks en mixen met de D16 Group Devastor 2 multiband distortion plug-in. Het emuleert diode-clipping en biedt analoog gemodelleerde filters voor extreem soepele sonische prestaties. Gebruik het om wat opwinding toe te voegen aan hoge frequenties, body toe te voegen aan lage frequenties, het middenbereik van een stem te hypen en nog veel meer. De opnametechnici van Sweetwater weten dat vervorming een buitengewoon handig hulpmiddel is om te mixen, en niet alleen voor speciale effecten. Krijg een multiband-vervormingsplug-in die zo subtiel of heftig kan klinken als je wilt: de D16 Group Devastor 2-plug-in.

Antresol Analoge BBD Stereo Flanger

De D16 Group Antresol doordrenkt je gitaarriffs en synth-lijnen met een rijk karakter dat teruggrijpt naar degenen die bekend zijn met de effectpedalen in bucket-brigade-device-stijl van weleer. In wezen een vertragingsfeedbacklus die wordt bestuurd door een LFO-generator, Antresol levert alles, van subtiele verdikking tot wervelende straalvliegtuigeffecten. De hardware-emulatie van Antresol is opmerkelijk - het is duidelijk dat de D16 Group veel moeite heeft gedaan om elk aspect van de analoge circuits te modelleren die het ontwerp inspireerden.



D16 Group SilverLine-collectie omvat:

  • Spacerek Virtual Space Reverb
  • Syntorus 2 Triple Path analoog koor
  • Godfazer geavanceerde modulatie-eenheid
  • Redoptor 2 Vintage buisvervorming
  • Fazortan 2 Regelbare Ruimte Phaser
  • Toraverb 2 Ruimtegemoduleerde Reverb
  • Tekturon Multitap Sequenced Delay
  • Decimort 2 hoogwaardige bitbreker
  • Devastor 2 Multiband Distortion-eenheid
  • Antresol Analoge BBD Stereo Flanger



Kenmerken van de D16 Group SilverLine-collectie:

  • Effectenbundel met 10 processors
  • Rijk klinkende vintage-geïnspireerde effecten en geavanceerde moderne productietools
  • Bevat 3 op tijd gebaseerde effecten, 3 harmonische effecten en 4 modulatie-effecten