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Home » Roland VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series Bundle VST Plugins 2022

Roland VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series Bundle VST Plugins 2022

€ 25,00

Roland VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series VST Plugins 2022


This is the complete Bundle of Roland's Legendary & AIRA Series keyboards and synthesizers. All together and fully loaded with all options , presets and library samples. Full version !!


Roland Cloud Legendary Aira Total is an imposing plugin which will improve your recordings via introducing texture and lifetime. Consequently, Yourself can import the tunes monitor in opposition to the history browser immediately or on your own can drag and reduce it also. It features a alternative amount of Guitar insider secrets and further more.

Authentic recreations of LEGENDARY Roland analog and digital synthesizers. Inspired by the past, built for the future – Roland ACB synthesizers with amazing sound and familiar workflow.

• Roland D-50 Ver.1.1.1
• Roland JD-800 Ver.1.0.1
• Roland JUNO-106 Ver.1.0.9
• Roland JUNO-60 Ver.1.0.1
• Roland JUNO-60 Chorus Ver.1.0. 0
• Roland JUPITER-8 Ver.1.1.0
• Roland JV-1080 Ver.1.0.9
• Roland JX-3P Ver.1.0.4
• Roland PROMARS Ver.1.1.3
• Roland SH-101 Ver.1.1.6
• Roland SH-2 Ver.1.1.5
• Roland SYSTEM-1 Ver.1.1.4
• Roland SYSTEM-8 Ver.1.3.5
• Roland SYSTEM-100 Ver.1.1.2
• Roland TB-303 Ver.1.0.5
• Roland TR-606 Ver.1.0.2
• Roland TR-707 Ver.1.0.0
• Roland TR-727 Ver.1.0.0
• Roland TR-808 Ver.1.0.9
• Roland TR-909 Ver.1.0.9
• Roland XV-5080 Ver.1.0.3  -> ZIT NIET IN MAC OS VERSIE 


It implements Sampletank 2’s a few synth engines and this plug-in just operates upon Home windows as properly as Mac OS. As Well As, Roland Cloud Legendary Aira Total is made up of acquired some highly effective equipment which consist of piano, organ emulators, bass and drums and many others. If none are acquiring the end result your self are in search of for thus people can acquire their private features.

It includes been capable with multitrack processing characteristics together with a vast selection of consequences and the VST/AU plugin assist. It incorporates acquired a Models slider at the best as effectively as a Complexity slider underneath. In Fact, It furthermore instantly arranges and addresses your recorded will take and overdubs.