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Tracktion Software HYPERION Modular Synthesizer VST Plugin 2022

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Tracktion Software HYPERION Modular Synthesizer VST Plugin 2022


Tracktion has released the Wavesequencer Hyperion modular synthesizer inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis
The developers promise ease of use and warm analog sound.
Developer Paul Carter has partnered with Tracktion to unveil the new Wavesequencer Hyperion virtual synthesizer. According to the creators, the instrument is inspired by the electronic music of the 1980s and the sounds of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian Eno.
According to Carter, Hyperion reflects his take on a modern digital modular synthesizer. The plug-in features easy-to-use modular signal processing that allows you to create complex audio patches with ten layers.

The synthesizer has received a wide range of synthesis types, control of pitch ranges, tuning and detuning functions, an arpeggiator. Additionally, the instrument is equipped with filters, effect buses, distortion section. Separate unique sets of effects are also available for each layer.

Carter calls the sound of the Hyperion warm enough and analogous. The synthesizer offers a wide range of settings, rich sound generation options, the ability to quickly layer signals and combine into polyphonic patches.


Hyperion: Multi-layer Modular engine from Tracktion


Hyperion offers up to 10 layers of complex polyphonic modular synthesis with macro control and intermingling modulation and audio signal paths.


Tracktion Waveform has a deeply modular environment hidden away inside for plugin chaining and sound design. Hyperion appears to be the evolution and development of that idea into a synthesizer all of its own. And it’s pretty darn deep.

Update: Turns out that Hyperion is actually by Wavesequencer Virtual Instruments, a separate entirely from Tracktion and is only part of that party for sales and marketing reasons. 

You can treat each layer as an individual synthesizer built up of unlimited interconnected nodes which can be anything from oscillators and sound sources to modulation, effects and systems of logic. There are multiple forms of synthesis at play like monophonic simple waves, wavetables, samples, Soundfonts, physically modelled and 4-operator FM. You can also add wave sequencing with up to 32 steps of waveform chaining and push polyphony up to 16 voices.

All the other synthesis building blocks are there like envelopes, multiple types of filter, LFOs and then you have a suite of stereo effects to drop into the party at any point.

The range of available modules, modulation and processing is massive and there appears to be no limit to the complexity you can build up within a single layer.


Tracktion Hyperion


Multilayer interaction comes in the form of MIDI control. You can create MIDI nodes in one layer that can be mapped to parameters in another layer via internal MIDI connections. FX buses can also cross the divide between layers. Save the whole lot as an instantly recallable combi patch.

How you play Hyperion is a mixture of step-sequencing nodes, arpeggiators, chord nodes and good of fashioned sequencing from your DAW or playing from a keyboard. You can automate the macro controls you create through your DAW for spice and movement.


It looks complex and a bit daunting. Tracktion says that this is “Digital Modular for the Masses” but I’m not entirely sure that the masses are into this level of deep diving modular. It’s a bit like Reaktor before Native Instruments thought it would be a good idea to wrap up the modular in a nice looking and more accessible interface. However, for the more adventurous then this is a stunning playground of synthesis and sound design that will have you get lost in the interconnectivity of nodes for the rest of your life. Listening to the demos it does sound amazing and could be a real alternative for people who find Reaktor a bit fiddly. Tracktion never treat you like an idiot, they expect to step up to the challenge of their software and I’ve found in using Waveform and their other software that it’s always worthwhile and immensely rewarding. So, don’t be afraid, this is going to be awesome.





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