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Antares Auto Tune PRO Unlimited VST Plugins 2022

€ 30,00

Antares Auto Tune PRO Unlimited VST Plugins 2022


Because Vocal Production Requires More Than Just Pitch Correction

Instant Harmonies

Create the immersive, dramatic sounds you can only get from stunning harmonies. Automatically produce both natural-sounding and dramatic creative harmonic effects—all from a single human voice.

Your Dream Mic Collection

Make the mics you own sound like the mics you wished you owned with over 100 authentic-sounding reproductions of legendary vintage and modern classics. Your arsenal just got a whole lot bigger.

Digital Talkbox

Go back in time with the funkiest vocal effect ever made. Now you can produce the classic talk box sounds from classic 1970’s recordings—without putting a tube in your mouth.

Vintage Tube Saturation

Get instant vintage vibes with the authentic, warming sound of analog tubes. Add subtle harmonic distortion or get aggressive with the overdriven crunch of a tube amp pushed beyond its limits.

Dynamic Vocal Doubling

When one vocal becomes two, you’ll cut the time spent tracking in half—and double down on crafting perfect stereo mixes. Fatten up a lead, or dial in some extra depth with automatic voice doubling.

Ethereal Vocal Ensemble

Nothing uplifts the spirit like the soulful sound of a choir. Automatically generate the effect of a 32-piece choral ensemble from a single vocal track and hear how heavenly your music can be.

Master Your Breathing

Dial it up to give your vocals a sultry sound, or dial it down to eliminate any huffing and puffing. No matter how you use it, managing the breathiness of a vocal can deliver breathtaking results.

Sibilance Suppression

Take your vocals from “good enough” to “perfectly polished” with this powerful de-esser. Taming sibilance—without changing the vocal character—has never been easier.

The Virtual Vocal Tract

Discover uncharted creative possibilities with the only plug-in that lets you manipulate the entire human vocal tract. Change the shape of the lips, mouth, and throat to go beyond the limits of anatomy.

Vocal Impact Enhancer

Vocals can make or break a song—so don’t let them get buried in the mix. Punch up your vocals to get the clarity, power, and dynamics they need to cut through even the densest mix.

Extreme Vocal Character Design

Transform any voice into alien, monster, or robot voices with the effect countless professional sound designers rely on for vocal character design. Getting weird has never been so fun.